International Symposium on Synthetic Biology of Unnatural Base Pairs and Amino Acids

Invited Speakers

 Steven Benner (Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (FfAME))
 Floyd Romesberg (The Scripps Research Institute)
 Ichiro Hirao (RIKEN)
 Hannes Kuchelmeister (Eric Kool Lab., Department of Chemistry, Stanford University)
 Alex Taylor (Philipp Holliger Lab., MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
 Susumu Nishimura (Tsukuba University)
 Abhishek Chatterjee (Peter Schultz Lab., The Scripps Research Institute)
 Kaihang Wang (Jason Chin Lab., MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
 Kai P. Yuet (David Tirrell Lab., California Institute of Technology)
 Takahiro Hohsaka (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
 Dieter Söll (Yale University)
 Kensaku Sakamoto (RIKEN)
 Hiroaki Suga (University of Tokyo)

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