International Symposium on Synthetic Biology of Unnatural Base Pairs and Amino Acids


The closest airport is New Chitose Airport (CTS) in Chitose City. The hotel is 45min. by bus or 35min. by train from New Chitose Airport.

  • Bus, called Donan bus, Fare: 600 JPY leaves from No.2 bus platform at the airport for passengers of Japan Airlines (JAL), Skymark Airlines (SKY) and Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), and No.29 for All Nippon Airways (ANA), Air Do (ADO) and Peach Aviation (APJ) passengers.
  • Bus ticket can be purchased only by cash not card on board at Donan Bus. Coins equivalent of 600 yen or 1,000-yen note can be accepted. Only a 1,000-yen note can be exchanged by change machine on the bus. Regarding a 5,000 or 10,000-yen note, changing money is possible only at the Donan bus information counter located inside the ANA arrival lobby nearby No.29 bus platform.
  • Example photos of Donan Bus are shown below.
  • Get off at Grand Hotel-mae, the second to the last stop, Tomakomai-ekimae.
  • Reservations and tickets are not required.
  • Bus platforms and timetable (External link)

Example photos of Donan Bus
Bus platforms of New Chitose Airport
(Left: No.2, Right: No.29)
Grand Hotel-mae

  • Tomakomai station of JR Muroran Line is by train from New Chitose Airport (Approx. 30min.).
    The hotel is 5min. on foot from Tomakomai station.
  • Direction: New Chitose Airport station → Minami Chitose station (JR Chitose Line, 3min.), Transfer at Minami Chitose station → Tomakomai station (JR Chitose Line/JR Muroran Line, 24min. by Local train/16min. by Limited Express train).
  • Fare: 670 JPY. If you take Limited Express train from Minami Chitose to Tomakomai, additionally 600 JPY will be charged. Reserved seat is available with 310 JPY for the section.
  • New Chitose Airport station (External link)

  • Approx. 30min. to Grand Hotel New Oji.
  • The taxi Fare is 6000~7000 JPY.
Access to Grand Hotel New Oji (+)
Time table (+)
Red-letters : Limited Express
Express fare +600 JPY

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