International Symposium on Synthetic Biology of Unnatural Base Pairs and Amino Acids


Instructions for Chairs

Process and Timing
Chairs are asked to ensure that all presentations start and finish punctually, as scheduled.
Staff will assist with timing. If there is no alternative request from the chair, then notification of the remaining time will be provided with a bell signal.

Instructions for Invited Speakers and Oral Presenters


Please bring your laptop to the preview desk at the intermission before your session. Only computer-based presentations (for example, PowerPoint) will be accepted. No sound output equipment will be available. Please make sure to bring your own laptop. (Please see the following “Technical Requirements for Your Laptop”.)

Technical requirements for your laptop:
  • Ensure that your computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (D-sub 15 pin).
    If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.
  • Be sure to bring an AC adaptor. Please note that the voltage in Japan is 100 V and the frequency ranges between 50 – 60 Hz, depending on the area (50 Hz in Tomakomai). The socket is type A, which has two flat plug holes. If your laptop is not convertible, then transformers and / or plug adaptors are necessary.
  • Adjust the settings to prevent activation of the screen saver or power-saving mode.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

All posters will remain on the panels from Oct. 1 (Tue) – 4 (Fri), as no replacement needed during the meeting. Please try to set up your poster on the afternoon of Oct. 1 (Tue).

Set up, Presentation, Discussion, Language & Removal
Please stand by your poster for presentations and discussions during the poster sessions at the designated times shown below.
Odd Numbered Posters:
Oct. 2 (Wed)
Oct. 3 (Thu)
Even Numbered Posters:
Oct. 2 (Wed)
Oct. 4 (Fri)
Please retrieve your poster at 14:30 on Oct. 4 (Wed) by yourself. We will not store or return it.


Poster Panel
Please place your poster on the panel indicated by your poster number.

Size & Indication of Presenter
Your poster should have a height of 2,100 mm and a width of 900 mm. Please prepare materials that indicate your abstract title and the affiliations and names of contributors, and place anin front of the presenter’s name.
Pins will be prepared on-site to paste the posters; hence, please refrain from using sticky tapes.

Please use a large font that is legible from 2 m away. Figures and charts should be as large as possible.


Abstract of poster session submission deadline: September 20th September 17th, 2013

Submission Guidelines

- Please use the attached template file to make your abstract.
  Download a template MS Word file for abstract submission.
- Please submit your abstract to the e-mail address:
- The name of your Word file should include your family name and initial of given name. [e.g. Yokoyama_S.docx or .doc]
- Abstract should be a one-page as an MS Word file.
- Please underline the name of the presenter in the author lists.
- You can submit only one abstract as a presenter.
- It will require affiliation details of all authors to submit the abstract.
- Some of the poster abstracts (registered by September 13th, 2013) will be selected for oral talks in this seminar.
  Secretariat will be in charge of selection and only accepted authors will receive a notification by September 20th September 18th, 2013.
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